SPL _uy

Sistemas de Producción de Leche Uruguay
(Milk production systems, Uruguay)

The challenge of the Uruguayan dairy



Our proyect

Learn more about the research carried out by the SPL_uy group



Generate knowledge and train human resources at all levels to promote development
of the dairy sector on solid bases of competitiveness, environmental and social sustainability.


The Group is recognized for its contributions to the development of the Uruguayan dairy sector,
the quality of its scientific and technological production, its human management and its ability
to create cooperation with national and international groups and institutions.
The group is recognized for the human values that it drives.


Contribute to the evaluation, design and development of the milk production systems
that enhance the human development, are in balance with the environment
and are competitive from the economic point of view.

Our team

The research group that supports this proposal presents an academic background with a holistic approach to the problematic of the dairy cow on controlled grazing and a rich experience of working with the productive sector in research, co-innovation and dissemination projects.


" I go with the reins tense restraining the flight, because it does not matter to arrive alone or soon, but to arrive with all and in time "
- León Felipe -






Research program

The process of the dairy intensification in uruguay over the last 10 years has resulted in production systems with higher levels of productivity, better economic results, higher costs, higher investment requirements, increasing levels of complexity (greater demands on human capital), and greater pressure on natural resources.

The extent to which the intensification process can be deepened with good bio-economic results, in balance with the environment and human capital is a central question for the Uruguayan dairy industry as a whole.

The analysis of the problem must integrate Uruguay as a purely exporting country, so that aspects related to quantity and type of solids produced, animal health and welfare, waste management and control of production costs are central to the competitiveness of production systems and the dairy chain as a whole. In addition, the social impact of the intensification strategies implemented should be evaluated.

As a working strategy it is proposed the creation of a Public-Private Sector Innovation Network that addresses the problem from 4 integrated perspectives:
a) Feeding strategies: an integral view of the animal potential of grazing dairy cows.
b) Animal load: looking for the point of balance between biomass production and milk production according to biotype and region.
c) Reproductive and animal welfare indicators at a system level: dairy type, animal management, and feeding as risk factors.
d) Analysis and re-design of production systems: integration of analytical and systemic research.

As a working model it´s proposed a strong integration between the activities in the experimental stations and the commercial systems with a dynamic and continuous articulation between researchers, producers and professional advisers.

The central hypothesis of the project is centered on the bio-economic feasibility of a sustainable productive intensification.



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experimental units

Laboratories and their equipment, located in different departments of Uruguay.



• Postpartum fertility of the dairy cow in Uruguay, metabolic and hormonal parameters
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• Effect of Holando's dairy biotype on productive and reproductive parameters in pastoral conditions
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• Use of genetic polymorphisms to improve production and fertility in dairy cows in pastoral conditions
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• Impact of grazing intensity on milk production, loading capacity, persistence of forage resources and sustainability of the dairy system
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• Effect of age and weight at delivery on productive and reproductive performance of Holando heifers during the first 3 lactations
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• Incorporation of TICs in the process of management, monitoring and control of pastoral systems
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• Patterns of casein variation in milk in the Northwest Coast: its relationship with the production systems and final products
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