Analytical balance

Precision instrument, weighing up to 240g
with an error of 0.0002g. It´s used for weighing samples and for
preparation of solutions.

Tabletop pH meter

Useful instrument for the measurement of pH of different solutions,
and for the reagent preparation.


Measures at wavelengths that span both the spectrum
visible as the UV, in a range from 190 to 1100nm.
Uses a photodiode detector.
It has a bucket holder with a capacity for 4 cells.
It´s used for the quantification of different analytes
in different samples.

Refrigerated centrifuge

This equipment has a maximum speed of 12,000rpm and counts
with a cooling system that allows working in
a range from -9 ° C to 40 ° C. It has
adapters that make it possible to work with tubes
15 or 50mL falcon.
It´s used for processing milk samples
and ruminal fluid.


This equipment has an oven capable
of working between 100 and 700 ° C.
It´s used for calcining samples in search of the determination
of ash and organic matter in different materials,
or as pre-treatment for other analysis.


Semi automatic distillation of
samples by steam for the determination of
of Kjeldahl nitrogen.


Digestion system used in the
determination of nitrogen by the Kjeldahl method.
It has a 20-seat heating block very useful
in cases of large-scale investigations
of samples.

Fat extractor

Semi-automatic 6-place equipment for the determination
of ethereal extract based on the Soxhlet method.
It´s used for meat, animal food
and oilseeds.

MilkoScan FT1

Instrument for measuring raw materials
and dairy products finished with a minimum treatment
of samples before analysis.